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  Our products are manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO9000 certification management system. We now provide the following quality assurance for our products:
1. Our company guarantees that the products will be strictly tested on the products at the factory to ensure that the product qualification rate reaches 100%.
2. Our company guarantees that after the product is installed and debugged and passed the acceptance test, if the product itself has quality problems, our company is responsible for free maintenance. If the product exceeds our warranty period, we will also provide you with a paid service within a reasonable range.
3. A free warranty is not granted in one of the following cases, but a reasonable paid service can be implemented.
*Exceeded the warranty period; *Cannot provide proof of purchase;
* Failure to use or repair according to the instructions of the product manual (special attention to water ingress, breakage and man-made damage);
* The customer repairs or disassembles the product without authorization or the customer entrusts the maintenance personnel not designated by the company to repair and disassemble the product;
* Damage caused by the use of informal, poor quality communication cables;
* Failure or damage to the product due to irresistible disasters such as floods, fires, lightning strikes, and earthquakes;
*Other failures or damages caused by the product itself.
4. Problems occur during the use of the product. Our technical staff will answer all questions and belong to the product quality problem. Our company guarantees a clear reply or solution within 24 hours. During the warranty period, it needs to be processed on site to ensure 48 hours. Arrived at the scene.



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